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So here you will find our featured messages and our current sermon series.
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We hope you find these messages enlightening, refreshing, thought provoking, challenging or whatever.  But more than anything, we hope that in some small way they connect you to God.


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  • I Work Out!!!: Looking Good


    Looking Good


    Ok, let's be honest, some people go to the gym to rehab, some for strength, some for stamina, but most of the people who are in a gym are in there for one reason and one reason only: to look good!


    For better or worse we are driven by our appearance, or at least what people think of it.  Now I know; right now you're saying, "Not me!". But you're lying.  The truth is we all are.  To most of us, it really does matter to us what people think about how we look...and you know what else, it matters to God too. Don't believe me? Check out "I Work Out!!!: Looking Good" and then see what you think.







  • I Work Out!!!: Stamina




    Ever volunteered to watch a friends kid and then after watching them for 2 minutes realized, "I don't have the energy for this!"


    Ever feel that way with life and faith? Like you do great on Sundays and you feel great on Sundays, but the rest of the weekreally wears you out; is really trying to your faith?


    Maybe it's time to work out your "faith stamina". Maybe it's time to put some effort into increasing it.  How?  Check out "I Work Out!!!: Stamina" and find out.








  • I Workout!!!: Strength




    Some people are in the gym to rehab, to gain some functionality, but some are in there for a whole other reason: some go just to get stronger.  You know the ones, the grunters, the people lifting far more weight to warm up than your using to work out with. They're there for one reason and one reason only, to get stronger!


    What would it look like if you worked out your faith to gain some strength? What kind of workout would it be?  Check out "I Work Out!!!: Strength" and find out.









  • I Work Out!!!: Rehab

    I Work Out!!!




    re-hab:[ree┬Ěhab], v: 1. treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness, or disease to as normal a condition as possible; 2.To restore to good health or useful life.


    The Bible encourages us to "work out" our faith (1 Corinthians 9:24-27, 1 Timothy 4:7-8) because it will keep our faith from being "ineffective and unproductive" (2 Peter 1:1-8)


    Our faith is supposed to be effective and productive. Is yours?


    Sometimes, in the course of life, our faith gets "damaged", "injured", "sick" or even "diseased", and it ceases to do what it's supposed to. Has yours been? Is it?


    This calls for some "rehab". We're not meant to stay that way or retreat into a shadow of what faith should be. Where does your faith need some "rehab"?


  • Vision: Reaching





    At the root of the greatest modern day criticisms of the church is that the Church never gets out of, well, the church.  Belief, and it's expression, doesn't seem to find it's way out of the building that has come to carry the same name as the body of believers who gather in it.


    It's not right.  The Church was meant ot be the matchmaker, wingman, in history.  The Church was also intended to be the people talking up God, introducing God Him to our friends, telling people what He's like, not just as a theological discussion, but as a lifestyle; as a life-mission.


    So what happened?  How do we do it?  Check out "Vision: Reaching" to hear our plan.



  • Vision: Teaching/Mutiplying





    One of the hard things about being a church is the sometimes seemingly paradoxical mission: go make disciples (evangelism), but also feed my sheep (discipleship). If you try to be an evangelistic church you're often criticized for being too shallow or not caring about veteran believers, and if you're a teaching church you are often criticized for not caring enough about the "lost".


    At Crossroads we endeavor to do both.  We see the two sides of this mission as different points on the same line.  How does that work?  Check out "Vision: Teaching & Multiplying" to find out.




  • Vision: Connecting





    Our Vision: to connect. We want to connect people and reality with God.


    "...but I still haven't found what I'm looking for..."


    The reality is that everyone is spiritual but not everyone is Christian.  Many of us have different ideas about what the word "god" means and how we live in light of it. We seem to, here and there, catch glimpes of the "spiritual", but not know what to do with it, make of it.


    At Crossroads we want to connect people to God.  For us, this is our highest priority and greatest endeavor.  Check out "Connecting"  to see how.


  • Vision 2011



    Vision 2011

    Vision?  What is it and what does it mean (Especially for a church!) Why would one church have one vision and another, well, another? Didn't Jesus give us one mission?


    These question often stifle us when trying to carry out and even discern how we fit into that mission.  Join us for "Vision 2011" and gain and understanding of what vision is, why we have it and what it means to this church.







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