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  • I Workout!!!: Strength




    Some people are in the gym to rehab, to gain some functionality, but some are in there for a whole other reason: some go just to get stronger.  You know the ones, the grunters, the people lifting far more weight to warm up than your using to work out with. They're there for one reason and one reason only, to get stronger!


    What would it look like if you worked out your faith to gain some strength? What kind of workout would it be?  Check out "I Work Out!!!: Strength" and find out.









  • Vision: Teaching/Mutiplying





    One of the hard things about being a church is the sometimes seemingly paradoxical mission: go make disciples (evangelism), but also feed my sheep (discipleship). If you try to be an evangelistic church you're often criticized for being too shallow or not caring about veteran believers, and if you're a teaching church you are often criticized for not caring enough about the "lost".


    At Crossroads we endeavor to do both.  We see the two sides of this mission as different points on the same line.  How does that work?  Check out "Vision: Teaching & Multiplying" to find out.