Go Tell it On The Mountain

"Go Tell It On The Mountain"


Luke 2: 8-18


Can you even imagine being a shepherd in the field that first Christmas Night? Sitting quietly in the dark with your sheep when suddenly an incredible display of lights, music and angels proclaim the good news that Jesus has been born! I venture to say that their lives would never be the same again.


This passage exclaims that they were eager to see the new baby, and that they spread the news about His birth. They didn't just accept this incredible thing that had happened, they told others about it.


As Christians, few of us have stories about angels and loud trumpets telling us about Christ, but we have each have our own incredible story of how we were introduced to Christ. We all know where we were before meeting Him, and how our lives are changed since that meeting. During the Christmas season, people are open and ready to receive the message of hope and salvation! It's the only time of year that the radio plays music singing out, "Oh Holy Night." It's the only time of year that the stores are decked out with stars to put atop trees and signs that say Merry CHRISTmas. People are ready more than ever to hear the gospel message during this time of year. The gospel story is a simple and beautiful one to tell through our lives, actions and relationships with others.


This Christmas, who do you know that needs to hear the story? Who do you know that has yet to meet Christ? Like the shepherds, spread the good news.


by Ashley Jennings
Pastor of Women's Ministries