Don't Pray Like You Vote

Sometimes, it makes sense to lower your expectations. You get disappointed enough times, and you learn to accept it.


During the last few elections, I’ve had trouble getting excited about any of the candidates. For anything. After years of watching politics, I find it harder and harder to believe that the next person we elect to [insert political office here] will be the one to finally straighten things out.


I’ve had a few opportunities to look at my ballot and see nothing terribly inspiring. To realize that whatever box I mark will probably just lead to more of the same.


Don’t let that outlook affect the way you pray.


A quick survey of the miracles in the Bible reveals a God that doesn’t care about the odds. God parts rivers and seas so His people can cross. He shows mercy to His enemies, and some start following Him. He raises the dead.


There was a time in my life when I stopped believing in romance. I’d tried it and gotten burned enough times that I was ready to just move on and try something else. Then, when I prayed for God’s guidance and committed to what He said, He changed everything. He slew my loneliness.


My friend prayed for a man to be healed from his pain and watched it happen before her eyes.
At Crossroads, we prayed for several people to get jobs. Almost all of them were employed within a few months. In this economy.


Never pray for the lesser of two evils. God is way bigger than that.


Have you ever prayed for something big and crazy and had it happen?