Back To School: The Fundamentals, Part 1




While it's wildly popular to start your child's education at home and before they get into some type of formal schooling, everyone seems to start at the same place: the fundamentals; recognition of letters, colors, numbers, etc. It's a good place to start with our faith as well.


You wouldn't try to start your child's education with Algebra, right? No, you'd want them to at least recognize numbers before you started telling them what to do with ...them right? This is true of our faith as well. Often our faith raises difficult questions about how we live, how we should live, the nature of humanity, the nature of eternity, the nature of God, the nature of reality, and so on, and so on. What's important to understand is that our answers to those deep and often difficult questions are far more rooted in the fundamentals of our faith than the length of time we tend to it.


While we often yearn for our pastors to "teach us something new," the reality is that it's difficult to have a proper perspective of our God and our faith without a clear understanding of how we should view them. This is where the fundamentals come in.


The fundamentals are the foundation on which we build our belief system. They are the solid ground the structure that will be our faith will be built on top of. If the foundation is shaky, chances are, so is our picture of God and our faith.


What are your fundamentals? Are they "solid?" Are they biblically based?


Over the course of this week we'll share 5 of the most important fundamentals of our faith. Make it a point to check in and see if yours match up. God bless!